Free Speech vs Faith


Some conclusions found using Faith are the antithesis of Free Speech. What is the one unforgivable sin according to Jesus? Blaspheming the Holy Spirit? What does the God of the Old Testament command we do if someone tries to persuade us away from him? Allah commands we kill blasphemers. Many, many, many believers ignore this extreme response of course. And I applaud them! But there are degrees of how Faith silences opposition. I’ve been told not to speak about Faith. I’ve been told to be quiet. I’ve been told that Faith is off the table. My thoughts are still thought of as crimes but the punishment is less even though the goal is the same. Silence. No Free Speech. Silencing opposition to Faith is how it deals with Free Speech because Free Speech is the sunlight to disinfect Faith. Free Speech is how many non believers became non believers. Blaspheme Laws are how one keeps believers still believing. A blaspheme sentence was carried out in France on cartoonists who drew pictures and practiced their Free Speech. Faith used its protective mechanism and silenced those cartoonists. So my hope is every major network and newspaper shows the cartoon these cartoonists and others were murdered for. It would do at least two things. First, it would spread the risk around. Second, it would give context to why these people were murdered. A drawing. A drawing that hurt someone’s feelings.


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